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'The Fly in the Soup'
'Fossil Feud'
D. Maurice Buckley
Both available on Amazon as ebooks.

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What drives people to do what they do?  Would we not prefer to have a handle on the human propensity for conflict and aggression?  I have tried.  Though 'The Fly in the Soup' is neither a serum nor a cure, it should throw light on the prompt, the driver underlying all the chaos that surrounds us, day in, day out, and forever and ever.  Ah!  Men!

Digital (Kindle): $ 9.99

In order to clean up our act as humans, "we must first seek our gene elocution."  We must first acknowledge our common ancestry - as best we know it today.  With this common knowledge, we may at last recognize how we are all part of the human family who are destined to get along, destined to live in peace, destined to create an inclusive future.

Digital (Kindle): $ 2.99

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The Fly in the Soup:

"The book is chock-full of fascinating observations, brilliant musings, and intriguing information to intrigue the reader. There is so much richness here: lovely insights, vivid scenes, great universal questions.  I have really enjoyed reading it.  It's given me all sorts of ideas and perspectives to chew on.  It's wonderfully invigorating." 


The Fly in the Soup:

"Read 'The Fly in the Soup' and really enjouyed it, well written and very funny."


Fossil Feud:

"I love it. Got any more?"



Author: D. Maurice Buckley


Born in Ireland, he spent years traveling and living in many places ... to include: France, Spain, Monte Carlo, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Yelapa near Puerto Vallarta in Jalisco, Mexico.  Most of that time was spent in France (to include Paris) during formative years when he witnessed the French penchant for strikes and protests. He has lived and worked on private yachts.  His residences have been as distant as have been his careers.  He has been in the company of many famous people and a few infamous ones.  What has this provided?  An enriching freedom, a certain detachment, and distance from local battles (as should be the case for any outsider).  He believes you must respect the culture of any place you are visiting, even while voicing a perspective that benefits from this detachment; the lack of historical resentment.  You must share your opinions.  That is why he writes.  He finally settled in Northern Virginia where this first publications took final shape.  We trust they are in forms you will find appealing.  You are welcome to leave your opinion, but only if with respect.  Anything less and it will be erased.  Thank you and enjoy.

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